Monday, March 9, 2009

Words to laugh by

Upon walking into a restaurant this weekend, Chloe said to the waitress, "Hey, you got any high chairs in here?"

Last month, we went to Grandma and Poppy's for a visit. Kevin was rummaging through the kitchen cabinets and Grandma said to him, "What are you looking for, honey?" Chloe looked at her and said, "His name is KEVIN."

"Look at me when I am talking to you."

She picked up a Cooking Light magazine this afternoon and said, "Now, let's see what I'm going to have for dinner.. [Long pause]...How about pizza??"

"That's not very right."

"Let me explain something to you."

In the grocery store yesterday walking down the last aisle, she says to Kevin, "You need any beer Daddy?"

To Nana, "Do you hear the poo poo coming out?"

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